Pereseal HB Hybrid Bond

Pereseal HB Hybrid Bond Adhesive / Sealant

PERESEAL HB Hybrid Bond is a high-performance sealant / adhesive based on hybrid polymer technology. It has exceptional adhesive strength when used as an adhesive, and superb weather-resistance, durability, and elasticity when used as a sealant.

PERESEAL HB is based on Hybrid Polymer technology, which gives the product exceptional bond strength to almost all construction materials. It can be used for heavy bonding of different materials in construction, industrial, and marine, and automotive applications.

  • Hybrid Polymer
  • Exceptional adhesive strength
  • Bonds on most materials

600 ml sausages, 12 sausages / carton

Colours available


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  • Very high adhesive strength on almost all materials –perfect for use as an adhesive
  • Possesses permanent elasticity
  • Very good resistance against UV, rain, water, and other weather elements
  • No sagging; no shrinkage
  • No surface tackiness after full cure; does not pick up dirt
  • No bubble formation, even in wet and humid conditions
  • Easy one-component application
  • Over-paintable
  • Does not contain solvents, silicones, or isocyanates; very low VOC


  • All construction, industrial, marine, and automotive sealing & bonding applications where high adhesive strength and good weatherability is required, such as:
    – Waterproofing
    – Concrete joints
    – Metal construction
    – Timber assembly / bonding
    – Automotive sealing / bonding
  • Expansion joints between many different construction materials, including pre-cast concrete panels
  • Bonding of roof tiles; other bonding/sealing applications in roofing / gutter / spouts
  • Installation and sealing of window and door frames, especially in perimeter
  • Sealing and bonding of HVAC, ventilation ducts, and others


  • Before application, make sure that joint surfaces are clean, dry, and free of all contamination.
  • A preliminary compatibility test is recommended.
  • Use an appropriate applicator gun (manual or pneumatic caulking gun for 600 ml foil packs).
As a sealant
  • Apply product evenly. Tool with spatula. If necessary, use masking tape and remove the tape before sealant skins.
  • If necessary, use backer material to adjust joint depth.
  • Sealants should adhere to only two surfaces of the joint: use backer rods and bond breakers to facilitate.
As an adhesive
  • Apply product in beads on one or both sides of the substrate. Ensure enough coverage.
  • Press materials together before the product skins (ca. 12 minutes)
  • Pereseal HB has significant initial tack, however we recommend users to ensure support (if necessary) to prevent heavy materials from sliding / dropping during the curing process.
  • At least 24 hours is recommended before loading the bond.


  • Substrate: All usual surfaces
  • State of Substrate: Clean, dry, free of grease


  • Min width: 10mm
  • Min depth: 5mm
  • Recommendation: 2 x width = depth
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