Klingspor Abrasive Discs

Klingspor abrasive discs come in two forms – abrasive discs made of normal cloth or paper backing, or abrasive fibre discs made of a special fibre backing. Normal abrasive discs are commonly used with orbital sanders and may have hole patterns for dust extraction. They are also offered in self-adhesive or self-fastening backing for use in many machine types.

Fibre discs, on the other hand, are used in portable angle grinders, and the very firm and tear-resistant backing allows it to be used on high-powered grinding and sanding applications.

All Klingspor abrasive discs are available in a wide range of sizes and grit sizes, and are ready-to-use out of the box. These abrasive discs are widely used in factories worldwide for their exceptional sanding power and high level of finish.

Klingspor coated abrasives and sandpaper are well-known for their high performance and superior durability.

CS561 Abrasive Fibre Disc

Klingspor CS 561 Fibre Disc

Outstanding, universal fibre disc with high material removal rates and service life, producing an optimal finish.
CS565 Fibre Disc

Klingspor CS 565 Fibre Disc

Fibre disc with self-sharpening grains for high aggressiveness on steel and stainless steel.
PS33K Abrasive Disc

Klingspor PS 33 CK Abrasive Disc

Self-fastening abrasive disc with high removal rate. For diverse applications.
PS21FK Abrasive Disc

Klingspor PS 21 FK Abrasive Disc

Self-fastening abrasive disc with aggressive behaviour due to self-sharpening zirconia alumina.
PS28F Abrasive Disc

Klingspor PS 28 F Abrasive Disc

Abrasive disc for universal sanding and grinding applications. Self-adhesive option available.