Product Guides and Manuals

Here, you can find a list of our product and technical guides. Note that most of these guides can also be found and are downloadable at their applicable product pages.

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Klingspor Abrasive Resources

Klingspor Coated Abrasives Guide
A basic guide to the different components that make up sandpaper, including the properties of different grain types, and how the different backings are classified and named.

Abrasive Belt Joints
A guide to the different types of belt joints available when converting sandpaper into sanding belts, or abrasive belts. Different joints have different properties and are used for different applications.

Klingspor SMT Abrasive Mop Disc Guide
A guide to the abrasive mop disc, also called abrasive flap disc, and the different aspects such as structure, form, and benefits.

Klingspor Kronenflex Bonded Abrasives – Optimal Usage
A guide to get the highest efficiency and performance from cutting and grinding discs (i.e. bonded abrasives), looking at factors such as speed, pressure, and hardness.

Klingspor Kronenflex Bonded Abrasives – Safety and Storage
A guide to the safety aspects of using cutting and grinding discs, and how to use them properly and safely. Also includes tips on storage.

Klingspor Kronenflex Bonded Abrasives – Performance Classes
A description of the different performance classes available in the Klingspor Kronenflex cutting and grinding disc range, as well as an explanation of the colour coding system.

Klingspor Kronenflex Bonded Abrasives – Troubleshooting
List of common problems, possible causes, and proposed solutions in the use of grinding wheels and cutting discs.

General Sealing and Bonding Resources

Using Sealants and Adhesives in Caulking Guns
A basic video guide on the fundamentals of using cartridge sealants and adhesives in caulking guns, including how to open the packaging and how to dispense.

Sealant Resources

Homeowner’s Guide to Silicones and Sealants
A detailed guide to the economics and basics of using different sealants in your home.

Sanitary Sealing in Bathrooms (Video)
A video guide on applying sealants in sanitary areas of a bathroom.

Sanitary and High Temperature Sealing in Kitchens (Video)
A video guide on applying sealants in different areas of a kitchen, including sanitary sealing and high temperature sealing.

Applying Paintable Sealants (Video)
A video guide on applying sealants in areas meant to be overpainted.

Sealant Application in Windows (Video)
A video guide on the best practices of sealing windows.

Adhesive Resources

Using Construction Adhesives in Installation and Finishing of Skirting Boards (Video)
A video guide on installing and finishing skirting boards using construction adhesives as a bonding agent.

PU Foam Resources

PU Foam Usage Manual 
A guide to the usage of PU foams, including instruction on how to use both the Gun-type and Straw-type products. Includes information on how to clean the gun and store the can for later use.

Using PU Foam for Door Installation (Video)
A video guide to the usage of one-component foams to fill the joints between door frame and wall for maximising sound and thermal insulation.

Caring, Cleaning, and Maintenance of PU Foam Guns (Video)
A video guide on how to care for your PU foam gun using PU Foam cleaner.