Soudal PU Foams

Soudal PU foams are one-component, easy-to-use PU foams that are applied either through PU foam guns (gun foams) or through included manual straw applicators (straw foams). Once extruded from the applicator, PU foams expand in size through reactions with moisture in the environment. When fully cured, PU foams are semi-rigid with resistance to water and chemicals, making them an ideal product for sealing and filling large voids and gaps with a requirement of durability.

Fully-cured PU foam is made of millions of tiny cells – these cell structures give foams excellent insulation properties, and make PU foams a superb product for applications where thermal and acoustic insulation of the gap filler is desired, such as for the filling of gaps between wall and window-frame.

Its self-expansion properties make Soudal PU foams a high-value proposition. Each 750 ml can of foam can achieve up to 60 litres of cured foam.

Being one of the largest manufacturers of PU foams in the world, Soudal has extensive experience and developments in the production of PU foam. With its open-cell technology and stable formulations, Soudal PU foams are formulated over decades of experience to combine optimal values of yield, density, cell structure, and stability, to achieve the superb performance and exceptional value that Soudal is known for.

The Soudal Singapore PU foam site has more information on Soudal’s PU foam technology.