New Packaging: Soudafoam FR

Soudal has updated the product packaging for Soudafoam FR.

Soudafoam FR

Old Packaging

Soudafoam FR

New Packaging

This new packaging more prominently markets the product as part of the Soudal Fire Range, with a display of fire-rated and fire-resistant certifications on the product, such as the EI 240 specification. It also markets the acoustic isolation performance of Soudafoam FR, rating it for up to 62 dB.

We currently have stock of both old and new packaging in stock, so please don’t be alarmed to see different packaging of the same material in your stock or on retail shelves.

More information of this product can be found at the Soudafoam FR product page.

We also carry a range of other fire-rated or fire-resistant products.