New Soudal PRO40P Packaging

Soudal Pro 40P

PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we are carrying Soudal Pro 40P with the new packaging!

Soudal PRO 40P is a polyurethane construction adhesive that has outstanding adhesion, especially to wood and timber, with excellent water resistance. It has been tested and classified under the DIN EN 204 and WATT 91 standards, and has been a mainstay adhesive product in our PFE Technologies range due to its versatility, ease of use, and superb adhesive performance.

Soudal has updated the PRO 40P packaging, not just aesthetically but also adding great new features!

  • Easier application – the new cap design makes it even easier to apply
  • Better storage after opening – expect to be able to store the product for a longer time after opening
  • Enhanced ergonomics – the shape of the bottle now fits better, making it easier to hold and use

To find out more, go to the product page, or give us a call.

Happy bonding!