KM613 Small Mop Spindle

Klingspor KM 613 Abrasive Mop Wheel

Small abrasive mop equipped with a fixing spindle. Universal product for steel and stainless steel materials. Even removal rate. Suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas.

The fan-shaped abrasive flaps are securely fixed to a central mounting  spindle. The grinding flaps’ fan-shaped radial arrangement adapts perfectly to the contours of the workpiece.

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Grain,Aluminium Oxide

Bonding Agent,Resin

Suitable for,”Stainless steel, steel, metals, wood, plastic”

Available grit sizes

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Articles and Sizes
KM613 articles

For a full list of available articles, please consult the KM 613 page.

Most KM 613 articles are equipped with a fixing spindle that is 6 mm in diameter and 40 mm in shaft length.

Suitable for
Die Grinder

Die Grinder

Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine

Flexible Shaft Grinder

Flexible Shaft Grinder

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