Soudal Fix All Comparison Chart

Not sure which product of the Fix All range is right for you? We’ll break it down simply, plus a chart for you to refer to key technical details.

Essentially, all of our Fix All range are based on Soudal’s SMX Hybrid Polymer technology, which means they all feature excellent adhesion, resistance, and suitability on a wide range of materials. The differences are not major.

  1. You need a crystal clear product – Fix All Crystal
  2. You need a grey / black product – Fix All Flexi Grey / Black
  3. You need very quick bonding times – Fix All Turbo
  4. You need high initial tack to support to weight of the material being bonded – Fix All Xtreme
  5. You are using it as a sealant – Fix All Flexi
  6. You are using it as a general purpose adhesive – Fix All Flexi
Adhesive End StrengthInitial TackTime to reach 90% of bond strengthElasticity (Lower modulus = more elastic)ColoursGunnability (how easy/hard to gun out the sealant)
Fix All FlexiHighMediumFew hoursMedium modulusWhite, Black, GreyEasy
Fix All CrystalVery highMediumFew hoursMedium modulusCrystal ClearEasy
Fix All TurboVery highHighAs fast as 20 minutesVery high modulusWhiteMedium
Fix All High TackVery highVery highFew hoursHigh modulusWhiteMedium
Fix All XtremeVery highExtremeFew hoursHigh modulusWhiteHard