How to Keep an Open Sealant / Adhesive Cartridge for Further Use

For maximising the shelf life of open cartridges, we have these tips:
1. Keep it in a cooler place. You can even keep it in the fridge to maximise open shelf life.
2. Use the attached nozzle cap (if available) to cap the nozzle after use. If the product doesn’t have a cap, you can wrap the nozzle tip with tape.
3. Do not remove the nozzle after use!
4. Every 2 weeks, remove the nozzle and replace with a new nozzle. Pump out sealant into the new nozzle. Repeat every 2 weeks.
The rationale for step 4 is that the sealant cures from the nozzle top to the bottom. As long as only the sealant within the nozzle is curing, you can still replace the nozzle and replace it with fresh material. Once the sealant cures all the way into the cartridge, you will not be able to use anymore.
For a fuller explanation, refer to this diagram below:
  1. Before opening, the material is in the cartridge
  2. Once opened, fresh material enters the nozzle as you apply the sealant
  3. If kept in storage, the material at the tip of the nozzle started to cure from its contact with air (this happens even with a nozzle cap). In the diagram above, the time of 1 week is hypothetical and for illustration only.
  4. As the product is kept in storage, it continues curing downwards into the nozzle. At this point (above), you can no longer use the cartridge with the attached nozzle as it has too much cured material. However, you can still use the contents of the cartridge if you replace a new nozzle.
  5. a. If the nozzle is not replaced, the sealant will continue curing downwards into the cartridge body itself. At this point in time, you can no longer use the cartridge. However, if you had replaced the nozzle as in 5.b., the cycle can now start again.

Do note that even with such means of extending the life of an open cartridge, it may still suffer degradation in quality, and after time may even cure from the bottom up from the plunger. It cannot be used to extend the shelf life of the product.