Our new domain at www.pfetech.com

We got our new domain!

For years, our website has been running on our old domain – www.pfetec.sg. With the announcement and release of the new TLDs, we managed to snatch up www.pfetech.com, a simpler, more direct, more advanced, and more international domain for our company.

What’s TLD?

TLD stands for Top-level domain, and it basically refers to the part of a website that is “.com”, “.net”, “.com.sg”, or just “.sg”. For decades, the only available TLDs were these few ones, combined with each countries’ codes.

Recently, this has been changing with the introduction of more TLDs. Some of them include .online, .technology, even .pizza. Of course, the one that caught our attention was .tech, which was relevant to our company name.

This means that our new domain won’t have a .com, not even a .sg. It’ll just be www.pfetech.com.

What’s next?

Now that we’ve secured a new domain, we’ll soon be making a slow but steady transfer it. First, look forward to seeing a new website. After that, we’ll be changing our email address. And the beauty of it all? Nothing will change – our old website and old email addresses will still work, so no worries.