New Klingspor Website

Klingspor has now updated their international website at The new site boasts a very modern and clean design, and what’s more important is that now it’s easier than ever to find products and get information of every product.

There’s also a ton of abrasive resources. While their catalogue has always had such useful information, they have never really been translated into the web. Now, the Klingspor international website has a section dedicated to “Lowdown On Grinding“, which has terms, guides, and more information to help users achieve higher abrasive efficiency.

We’re convinced that the most useful feature is the “Product Finder”, a tab on the menu on the top right that allows you to find the best product for your application by letting you specify certain parameters, such as the work step (such as grinding or cutting or finishing), the material to be worked on (steel or wood or plastic etc.), and the machine. It gives a simple way to find the best Klingspor product for your use.

While we strive to keep our Klingspor products up-to-date in our own website, we think it’s great that users also have a choice to find product information directly at the Klingspor website.

With that said, please keep in mind that PFE Technologies Pte Ltd does not carry the full range of Klingspor products in Singapore (it’s almost impossible to). Our own website (this one) is a good gauge of the products we offer readily, though we are also able to bring in indent orders for specialized applications.

What’s Klingspor?

Klingspor is one of the world’s largest and longest-established manufacturers of abrasives. The range of products include sandpaper belts, rolls, and sheets with different grain types, such as aluminium oxide and silicon carbide. They are also manufacturers of bonded abrasive products such as grinding discs and cutting-off wheels.

Klingspor is based in Haiger, Germany, and manufactures their abrasives in their own plant in Germany. PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is the authorized distributor and converter of Klingspor abrasive products, and has been so for more than 20 years.

Our Klingspor page can be found here.