SMT 626 Supra Mop Disc

Klingspor SMT 626 Supra Abrasive Mop Disc

Abrasive Mop Disc with high material removal rates. Considerably longer service life due to unique flap angle.

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Klingspor Supra



Service Life


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Grain,Zirconia Alumina

Design,Convex 6°

Backing plate,Glass fibre

Suitable for,”Stainless steel, steel”


Available grit sizes

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Articles and Sizes
Diameter x Bore (mm)GritFormMax. operating speedMax. RPMCat. number
100 x 1660Convex80 m/s15,300321681
100 x 1680Convex80 m/s15,300321682
180 x 22.2380Convex80 m/s8,500321699
180 x 22.23120Convex80 m/s8,500097390
Klingspor Abrasive Mop Disc Benefits
Mop Disc Optimized Performance

Optimized Performance

Mop Disc Sustained High Performance

Sustained High Performance

Extraordinary Stability

Mop Disc Tried-and-tested Safety

Tried-and-tested Safety

Suitable for
Angle Grinder (mop disc)

Angle Grinder

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