Vogel Grinding Disc 7 inch 180x6

Vogel 7″ Grinding Disc 180x6x22mm

Our 7 inch Vogel grinding disc measures 180x6x22mm, and is capable of superb grinding performance up to the lifespan of the entire disc. Vogel 180×6 is designed for maximum stock removal with exceptionally high aggressiveness, while combined with long disc service life for maximum productivity per disc. With its optimal formulation and grain type and bonding agent, Vogel 180×6 provides a consistently high quality grinding solution for all standard materials and applications.

Vogel 180×6 grinding disc is especially suited for use on steel and stainless steel, in all major surface grinding applications, as well as for burr removal and edge bevelling.

This product has a depressed centre and can be used with most standard handheld angle grinders.

  • High grinding power
  • Superb performance up to the lifespan of entire disc
  • Engineered with focus on safety

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Dimensions (mm),”180 x 6 x 22.23 (diameter, thickness, bore diameter)”

Dimensions (inches),7″ x 1/4″ x 7/8″


Maximum RPM,”8,500″

Grain,”Aluminium oxide”

Packaging,”25 pieces / box”

Applications,”Suitable for metals; steel and stainless steel”

Suitable for
Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder

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