Soudal Chemcial Anchor CA1400

Soudal Chemical Anchor CA1400

Chemical Anchor CA1400 is a high-performance, universally applicable 2-component anchoring resin for the tension-free securing of anchoring rods, studs, reinforcing bars, threaded collars, profiles etc. in structural and high-load applications, in both hollow and solid materials.

  • Very strong anchoring – suitable for loads up to 1400kg
  • Fast-setting – can be exposed to loads after 30 minutes
  • Can be applied with a standard caulking gun
  • Can be used even in wet or damp conditions
  • Cartridge reusable by changing mixing nozzle

280 ml cartridges, 12 cartridges / carton



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  • Suitable for very heavy loads
  • Very fast setting – can be exposed to loads after 30 minutes
  • Withstands temperatures up to 80°C
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Can be applied with a standard caulking gun
  • Fast cure and styrene-free (low odour)
  • Can be used even in wet drill holes
  • Cartridge reusable by changing static mixer (nozzle)
  • Watertight and impermeable fixing
  • Indoor Emission LEvel (VOC) A+ (Very Low Risk)


  • Anchoring of metal rods, threaded bolts, metal profiles etc in solid stone, brick and concrete, and hollow stones and concrete.
  • Especially suited for installing, even close to edges, of hedges, banisters, shutters, fences, etc.
  • Also suitable as a repair mortar for damaged concrete parts.


Thread mixing nozzle into cartridge. Can be applied with a normal high performance cartridge gun. Application temperature 5°C and higher. Discard the first 5cm of extruded product; the colour must be homogenuously grey which indicates correct mixing of the components. Remove nozzle and reseal after use.

Installation depends on the structure; may require sleeves. For more info, please check our application guide or contact us.

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