How to convert a sausage sealant gun to work on cartridges

Our sausage sealant guns can be converted to be used on hard cartridge sealants, without using tools. It’s a very simple process.

Every gun comes with a blue plunger piece that is the size of the barrel, so as to push the sealant in a soft aluminium foil sausage out. Behind the blue plastic plunger, there’s also a smaller metal plunger that fits into a hard plastic cartridge. Converting the gun is simply removing the blue plastic plunger.

  1. Unscrew and remove the barrel from the grip and trigger

2. Unscrew the nut holding the blue plastic piece from the rod. This can usually be done without any tools by twisting the plastic piece itself.

3. Adjust the nut on the back, to make the metal plunger go farther up the rod.

4. Reattach the first nut to secure the metal plunger in position.

5. Reattach the barrel. Now you can slide a cartridge into the barrel itself, and the metal plunger will be able to push the sealant out from your cartridge.

Here’s a short video to demonstrate:

To re-convert the gun back for usage on aluminium foil is similarly simple, just reverse the process.

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