Soudal Chemical Anchor CA1400

New Product: Soudal Chemical Anchor

We have added a new product into our portfolio: Soudal Chemical Anchor.

Soudal Chemical Anchor

Soudal Chemcial Anchor CA1400

Soudal Chemical Anchor CA1400 is part of Soudal’s anchor range. Soudal has more professional chemical anchors such as the Soudafix VE400-SF (link in Dutch), but have recently released a CA1400 as a more universally applicable chemical anchor, complete with clearer, more informative packaging.

What’s a Chemical Anchor?

A chemical anchor is simply a type of chemical / adhesive that secures mechanical fixtures (anchoring rod) into a substrate (wall). 

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Soudal Metal Fix

New Product: Soudal Metal Fix

We have added a new product into our portfolio: Soudal Metal Fix.

Soudal Metal Fix is part of Soudal’s new “Fix” range which includes Soudal Pool Fix, Soudal Zinc Fix, and Soudal Green Fix.

Soudal Metal Fix

Soudal Metal Fix

Soudal Metal Fix is a sealant/adhesive based on Soudal’s SMX Hybrid Polymer technology, so it’s something like Fix All. Just like Fix All, it has very high adhesive strength, suitability on a wide range of materials, and can be used in many, many difficult conditions and scenarios. For example, it can work underwater.

Metal Fix is targeted at the sealing and bonding of metals such as steel, aluminium, and iron. It’s a great adhesive to use on things like metal fixtures, metal stairs and structures, steel works etc. It can also be used as a sealant, especially for when one substrate is a metal, due to its appearance – think stainless steel counters. Read more

sausage foil

Sausage Packaging Now Available For Pereseal 702

PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to offer Pereseal 702 in our new aluminium foil sausage packaging!

So far, our sealant packaging has been confined to only PE cartridges. We have made the change to now offer our sealants in aluminium foil packaging (or sausage packaging), which brings about many benefits.

Remember – PE is a non-biodegradable material that lasts decades in landfills. Even in its usage and application, PE is not the ideal packaging for sealants – it is hard to cut open, and requires certain amount of engineering parameters to balance out the production process, ease-of-use, and shelf life.

With sausage packaging, PFE Technologies is taking a big step to make the world a better place. We are currently the first and only sealant supplier in Singapore offering acrylic sealants in aluminium foil sausage packaging. Read more

Fix All Turbo

New Product – Fix All Turbo

The Fix All range has just been expanded.

Following the success of both Fix All Classic and Fix All Crystal, Soudal has introduced the newest of the range, Fix All Turbo!

Fix All Turbo

Fix All Turbo is a super-fast adhesive capable of bonding materials as quickly as 20 minutes! It utilizes the same proprietary Soudal SMX hybrid polymer technology to achieve extreme adhesive strength in a very short period of time. Furthermore, this means that Fix All Turbo is capable of bonding a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, many types of plastics and rubber, and stones like marble. Read more