Products that Work Underwater

Only the Soudal Fix All range of hybrid polymer sealants / adhesives can work convincingly well underwater.

At the very least, these products are able to work on wet and humid surfaces, which means that they are able to hold a strong bond even to substrates that are not fully dry. This makes it convenient to seal a leaking pipe, for example, without first stopping the water.

These products can also work underwater. Their effectiveness may be slightly compromised, but these products still retain their properties and have good bond strength to substrates. They have also been tested and used in such applications, including one case where a SCUBA diver was required to apply our products under the sea.

Fix All Flexi

Soudal Fix All Flexi

Extremely versatile product with high adhesive strength, good elasticity, and anti-fungal properties.
Fix All Crystal

Soudal Fix All Crystal

Excellent product for invisible bonding and sealing with its 100% transparent appearance. Food-safe, too.
Fix All Turbo

Soudal Fix All Turbo

Super fast adhesive with very rapid, high strength build-up - can reach up to 90% of final strength in 20 minutes.
Fix All High Tack

Soudal Fix All High Tack

Adhesive with a very high initial grab; also capable of an unmatched final bond strength of up to 3200 kg / 100 cm².
Fix All High Tack Invisible

Soudal Fix All High Tack Invisible

The 100% clear variant of Fix All High Tack, with the same super-strength. Extremely transparent, extremely strong.
Fix All Xtreme Power

Soudal Fix All Xtreme Power

Adhesive with an unsurpassed ultra initial tack - capable of an immediate bond of up to 400 kg/m².
Soudal Ultra Repair Adhesive

Soudal Ultra Repair Adhesive

Transparent, super strong SMX hybrid polymer adhesive for quick and challenging bond jobs